Bio Clean Hygiene Spray

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Bio Clean Hygiene Spray
Product description
Zettex Bio Clean Hygiene Spray is a ready-to-use alcohol-based cleaner for quick and easy cleaning of all kinds of surfaces. Zettex Bio Clean Hygiene Spray evaporates quickly and is NSF certified, allowing it to come into contact with food. Zettex Bio Clean Hygiene Spray is not harmful to the substrate and leaves no residue.

Medicinal alcohol

• Fast evaporating
• Universally applicable
• Ready to use
• People and Environmentally Friendly
• Easy in use

Rapid removal of all types of contaminants such as bacteria, fungi and skin fats.

Generously spray the parts to be treated and allow dissolved dirt to drip off. If necessary, rub with paper or cloth.
​Aerosol 500 ml
Spray bottle 1 liter
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