​​Product description
Zettex Stonefix is a single-part PU adhesive for adhesing blocks and stones during building work. In comparison with mortar, Stonefix adheres the brickwork more easily and quickly. The use of the Zettex Foamgun is essential. Zettex Stonefix forms a strong adhesion within 30 minutes.


• Ready to use
• Very fast
• Extremely powerful
• Easy to use
• Easy to dose.
• Multi-purpose.
• Non flammable
​​Available forms
• 500 ml HH Aerosol
• 750 ml NBS Aerosol
​​Application instructions
• Used for the fast gluing of building block on non-supporting interior walls. Zettex Stonefix can also be used for the gluing of, for example, wooden paling in a garden. Zettex Stonefix can also be used outside for gluing different elements.

1. Hold the stone adhesive in an upward position, remove the cap from the adapter and screw the spray can on the Zettex Foamgun.
2. Make sure that the Foamgun is not pointing at other people while the spray can is being screwed on.
3. After fastening the Zettex Stonefix can it must be shaken at least twenty times before it can be used.
4. The surface must be moistened because Stonefix cures better and faster on surfaces moistened beforehand.
5. In cold weather conditions the Stonefix must be heated in a warm room or with warm water. The temperature may not exceed 30 degrees!
6. Join the stone surfaces immediately after the Stonefix has been applied.
7. Any non-cured foam can be removed with Zettex Foamcleaner. Hands can be cleaned with the Zettex Cleaning Wipes 
Eigenschaft Spezifikation
Touch dry time 8-15 mins.
Fully cured 2 hours
Fire class of hardened foam B2
Flash point of hardened foam 600 ℃
Flammable NO
Temperature resistance of hardened foam Long term: -40 to +90 degrees
Short term: -40 to +110 degrees
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