EPDM Fix PU120

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EPDM Fix PU120
Product description
EPDM FIX PU120 is a high-quality 1-component solvent-based polyurethane adhesive for bonding all types of
EPDM on various surfaces.

Product type

• EPDM FIX PU120 can be applied by means of, for example, a brush or roller and can be applied both partially
(at least 60%) and as a full surface.
• The EPDM foil must be rolled out immediately after applying the adhesive. If air bubbles form, they should be
smoothed out as soon as possible. It is important that the EPDM is properly pressed onto the substrate to ensure
good adhesion. After about half an hour after application, press the EPDM again well with a broom or roller.
• The minimum processing temperature is + 5°C. It is advisable to heat the cans at low ambient temperatures.
2 KG & 5 KG
• EPDM FIX PU120 adheres to almost all surfaces in construction, such as concrete, wood, bitumen, steel, etc.
• Apply EPDM FIX PU120 on a clean dust-free surface and must be free of physical water.
• EPDM FIX PU120 is not suitable for bonding to bare EPS.
If there are doubts about the substrate in combination with the consumption of the PU120, we advise you to
perform an adhesion test. If necessary, Zettex can also take care of this.
Eigenschaft Spezifikation
Colour yellow
Viscosity 20 ° C (Method: SL 002A) 2,000 ± 500 mPa.s
Flash point (Closed cup) > 100 °C
Density 20 ° C 1.030 ± 10 kg/m³
Dry matter (Method: SL 001C) 80 ± 2 %
Shelf life 9 months, if stored unopened and cool
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