Spraybond X90 Hybrid

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Spraybond X90 Hybrid
​​Product description
Zettex Spraybond X90 Hybrid is an universal excellent
hybride polymer based ahesive without isocyanate and
plasticiser resistant for bonding all kind of roofing and
flooring substrates. Spraybond X90 Hybrid can be applied
in a one way stick and exhibits a high degree of


Hybrid Polymers

Product properties

• One component
• Solvent free
• Extremely powerful
• Fast drying
• Plasticiser resistant
• For universal use
• Ready to use
• One side applying
• Non flammable
• Economical in use
• Permanent flexible bond
• Low foaming
• High temperature resistance
• No plasticizer migration
• Unilaterally applied
• Pressurised cylinder 23kg

• Brown, others on request
​​Areas of application
• For the fast and effective adhesion of all types of roof and floor surfaces, such as; PVC, EPDM, TPO,
Bitume, Linoleum, Marmoleum and PU based surfaces.


•Remove any moisture and grease from the surface being glued. Gently spray the contact adhesive on
to surface being glued. The ideal distance between the surface and the spray gun is 30 cm. Try to apply
the glue in a single layer. Bring the surfaces together after 2-4 minutes and press or roller firmly. Check
thoroughly to see whether there is sufficient contact between the glue layers if the surface is porous.
Apply an extra layer, if necessary.
Eigenschaft Spezifikation
Processing temperature +5 to +40 degrees
Temperature resistance -40 to +150°C
Usage 90 gram/m²
Open time Max 15 minutes
Maximum Coverage 175m²
Solids Content 50%
Colour Brown
VOC 407g/L
Spray Pattern Web
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