D4 PU Wood Adhesive

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D4 PU Wood Adhesive
Product description
Zettex D4 is an universal, solvent-free, single-component, water-resistant, KOMO-certified wood adhesive for all sorts of exterior applications.


• Time-saving
• Waterproof adhesive according to NEN-EN 204 D4
• KOMO-certified 10 woods (certificate 33196)
• Suffices with regard to Watt 91
• Highly suitable for exterior applications
• Specially developed for heavily loaded construction joints
Available forms
• Bottle 750 g
• Bucket 5 kg
• Bucket 10 kg
• Bucket 25 kg
• IBC 1100 kg 
​​​Application instructions
Zettex D4 is suitable for all kinds of construction joints such as dowels, tongues, swallow tails and pin and hole joints. Zettex D4 is also for example suitable for assembly adhesion, facade boards, doors, ladders and garden furniture.

Zettex wood adhesives are suitable for gluing a wide range of woods. Examples include hard, soft and exotic wood types. The wood adhesives also glue veneer and hard synthetic boards, chipboard, plywood, MDF, hardboard and many more wood materials. A condition for gluing is that at least one of either surface is porous.

Both sides of the surface must be dry and free of dust and grease. The adhesive must be briefly stirred beforehand, after which the adhesive is evenly spread on one side with for example a brush, adhesive comb, adhesive roller or glue gun. If both sides are porous apply the adhesive on both sides. Immediately remove wet glue residues with Zettex Profireinger. Hardened glue residues can be mechanically removed.
Eigenschaft Spezifikation
Base PU
Solid content % 99
Density g/ml 1,01
Viscosity mpas 5,000
Processing temperature 5 tot 40°C
Temperature resistance -40 / +80
Moisture resistance d4
Open time 8-9 min
Consumption 150-180 g/m2
Clamping time 90
Shear strength 110 kg/cm2
Storage temperature +5 / +35
Shelf life (months) 9
Colour Transparent
Delivery forms 750g, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 1100kg
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